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“Weeks had passed, and though most of the actors looked the same as they had, Mc Carthy was playing a soldier in the John Pielmeier play 'Boys of Winter,' and had shaved his head for the part,” says Gora.As such, Mc Carthy needed a wig for the now-iconic prom scene and kiss.Spader and Mc Carthy may have played popular and privileged “richies” onscreen — but off-screen, they had a greater affinity for “zoids,” Hughes’ term for outcasts not part of the “in” crowd.“I couldn’t get a date,” admitted Mc Carthy to an MTV reporter at the 1986 premiere. I did theater, and my friends were always the strange group of characters.

James Spader and Mc Carthy attended prom in "Pink" — but never went to their own proms.Hughes realized that the key was to have Blane show up to the prom alone — it meant that he had rejected his mean, preppy friends and that there was no other girl for him but Andie.” 9.The new movie ending required a wig (but apparently, not a good one).“I had to do it because John wrote the script for me right after we did 'Sixteen Candles' …If anyone else played that part it would be like somebody wearing my clothes, you know?

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