Are diana taurasi and penny taylor dating

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PHOENIX -- Diana Taurasi has played much of her basketball in extreme climates.Summers in Phoenix, which at its hottest can sap anyone's strength."There's a kind of rewiring of your brain for getting ready for a game, for a road trip -- the things that worked for you before don't work as well."Or the things you could always rely on before aren't necessarily there all the time.And then you try to focus on things you can control."But also on what you have to look forward to. She's the happiest she has ever been in her personal life, too."Penny has helped me get to this point more on the personal side.She's been that steadying personality."Getting married, it gives us a little boost, for the rest of my career, for her coaching career, for our lives together, for our relationship to grow.It's the next progression, and it's exciting in so many ways."Taurasi and the Mercury lost their season opener, as she shot 1-for-11 for three points.

To say it doesn't happen would be a lie," she said."Because my 'balance' has always been about 150 percent on the court. And when you get older, that almost backfires on you.I'm still looking for that balance, to see what works the best.But she has tried to back away from another extreme.She gives everything to basketball, physically and mentally.

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