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To test if your router can block HTTPS requests, set it up to block the above domains and then try downloading this file.

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If you’re unsure how to do it, check your router’s manual or search the internet for instructions for your specific router model.

Proctor disclosed that detectives questioned him for almost eight hours over claims that he was part of a gang that abused the boys.

He said he was falsely accused of knifing, raping and strangling one victim.

Part of the salary package was a beautiful grace-and-favour cottage, which Proctor loved, in the shadow of the Gothic castle.‘The Duke and Duchess have been completely understanding. It’s very distressing.‘I have no private income, no savings, a pension from eight years as an MP and a small one from my time with the Paper Federation [a paper industry body] before I entered Parliament. He is moving in with a family who have been friends for many years.

But their legal advisers decided it was no longer possible for me to continue doing my job at Belvoir Castle. He won’t even say which country they live in because he fears he will be targeted by ‘fanatics’ who have been posting lurid messages about him on the internet.

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