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In March 2011, following protests that deposed autocrat Hosni Mubarak, a group of 17 women were detained, beaten and forced to submit to vaginal examinations by the military.Egypt's current President, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, a senior general at the time, defended the practice."The procedure was done to protect the girls from rape as well as to protect the soldiers from rape accusations," he said.Coupled with a stifling atmosphere at home, Charlie decided to move to a Red Sea resort to work, hours away from Cairo and without family.

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Alarming attitudes towards sexual violence also reach the top echelons of power in Egypt.I don't want to have children and it was a shock for my mum."Eventually Hana was fed up with the restrictions put in place by her family, which included a curfew and sometimes locking her out of the house when late home from work or meeting friends.She found herself a room in a shared apartment in downtown Cairo with other young girls who were living away from their families — a rarity in Egypt for unmarried women that is unacceptable to the majority of people.Similarly, when respondents were given the statement "If a woman is raped, she should marry her rapist," nearly as many women (60 per cent) agreed as men (64 per cent).Charlie* was sexually abused by a family member and a family friend after her father passed away during her teenage years.

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