Computer keeps restarting after updating egg dating

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Download and install the program on your computer, then run it and connect your i Phone to the computer. Here are 3 modes for you: Standard Mode, Exit Recovery Mode, Advanced Mode.

And in your cases, you need to choose “Standard Mode”. Now you need follow its guide to put your i Phone into DFU mode or recovery mode. Once you enter the DFU mode, the program will identify your device automatically.

This is also known as “December 2 bug” because i Phone won’t work stable or fine unless you set any date time before a.m. Tap Settings Date&Time and set any data before Dec. Now you have enough time to upgrade to the latest i OS like i OS 11.2.

Before updating, you’re recommended to turn off Allow Notifications.

You just need to download the latest firmware on your i Phone.

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The Safest Way to Fix i Phone That Keeps Restarting Itself3.

The other is, when your i Phone restarts and is completely out of use.

Both of these phenomena are important factors that may prevent you from using the i Phone properly. Usually, improper operation can easily crash your i Phone because your i Phone is sensitive due to the incompatibility of much built-in hardware after updating to the new system. On the other hand, sometimes you download some apps, these applications may also be a virus, which will also make your system is damaged, and then make your i Phone stuck on the restart screen. This bug makes i Phone, running on i OS 11.1.2, fail to go through a full reboot once ticking over 12.15 am on that date. You just need to manually set the time on your i Phone. After that, your i Phone will stop turning on and off every 3 minutes.

But you will only have about 30 seconds to turn off the Setting before your i Phone restarts again! Go to Settings The new version of the i OS system should have many bugs when it released, so it may also an influenced factor which occurs your i Phone keeps rebooting.

In hence, you need to check for a software update when your i Phone keeps restarting.

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