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Am)Form of SHANEFrom the name Cesar Season's Beginning From the name CHARLESFrom the name FRANCIS (Sp)From the name CHILTONA Town By the River Made of God (Af)From China Chipping Sparrow A Gift (Af)Blooming Pale From the name CHRISTOPHERFrom the name CHRISTOPHERFrom the name CHRISTOPHERFrom the name CHRISTOPHERChristian, Annointed Christian, Annointed From the name CHRISTOPHERChrist-bearer From the name CHRISTOPHERFrom the name CHARLESDew Drop (Nat.Am)Nature's Renewal (Ch)From the name CHINAFrom the name CHINAAncient God is Gracious Saint (Ir)From the name CECILIAThe Historian From the name CECILIALord From Heaven, Heavenly From the name CYNTHIASun (It)Ladylike From the name CECEROAncient Egyptian Wind From the name CECILIAFrom the name CLARAClear, Bright Clear, Bright From the name CLARAClear, Luminous Brilliant Clergyman From the name CLARKLame Feminine form of CLAUDEFrom the name CLAYTONFrom the name CLAYTONTown on Clay Land From the name CLEOIn Praise of Flowers Illustrious A Steep Bank From the name CLEAVONFrom the name CLEAVANTFrom the name CLEMENTFrom the name CLEMENTGentle, Merciful Merciful To Praise, Acclaim Dim.James (Sp)Form of DILLONAn Idol Faithful From the name DEANFrom the name DEANLittle Sword From the name DIONYSIUSFrom DIANAGod of Wine & Revelry From the name DENNISGolden From the name DEREKFrom the South in the U. Richard's Son From the name DEMITRIUSDune Dweller The 7th son of the 7th son Aunt Mountain From the name DOROTHY or DOLORESLady of Sorrows (Sp)From the name RANDOLPHFrom the name DOMINICKBelonging to the Lord From the name DOMINICKBelonging to God Of God From the name DOMINICKFrom the name DONALDBrown Warrior Big Soul World Mighty Brown Stranger Given Form of DONALLady, Woman A Hill Lady From the name DONALD OR DONNELDark Warrior Gift A Gazelle A Gift From the name DOREFrom the name DORIANFrom the name DOREFrom the name DORISTalented (Sp)A Shiny Knife From the name DORISFrom the name DOROTHY (Gk)Gift of God A Tribe From the name DORSETFrom the name DOROTHYFrom the name DOROTHYFrom the name DOROTHYFrom the name DOUGLASFrom the name DOUGLASBlack Hill From the name DOUGLASDark Foreigner From the name DWIGHTDragon Joyous Music Trustworthy Form of DREWFrom the name WAYNEMoral, Good (Vt)From the Meadow Protect the Companion (Sp)Baker (Br)Dark-Colored All (Af)Leader From the name DULCEASweet Rose Sweet The Inspirer (Af)Dark Skinned Warrior God of Wine Fruit Quince Brown From the name DUNNDivine Spirit (Rs)Warrior From the name DUSTINThe Way White, fair one From the name DIANEGazelle (Nat.

of Names ending in ETTAHonored Gift Born Lucky Well Spoken Sweet Talk Spoken Well Of Spoken Well Of Justice From the name EVEYoung Warrior, Also see JOHNGracious, Bearer of Good News Like an Angel Tranquil (Gk)Life Hazelnut Life From the name EVE AND LINDAWild Boar, Strong From the name EVELife From the name EVEFrom the name EVE AND ANNALife (Po)Strength (Hb)Rich Gift Strength of God Helper Bean Grower Bean Grower (Fr)Bean Grower One with Skillful Hands (Lt)God has Given Me This (Af)Fair Haired The Far Meadow To Trust A Crow (Nat. form of GEORGESpear Warrior From the name GERALDINEHard Spear From the name GERALD (Sp)Brave (Fr)Guarded, Protected From the name GERALDINESwords and Riches (Po)A German (Fr)A Srpout Hero or Hill From the name GERALDA Stranger There (Hb)Adored Warrior Pearl (It)The Supplanter (It)God's Grace Son of Gilbert Great Warrior Brilliant, Trustworthy Short for names beginning with GILTrusted Servant of God Shield My Joy, Rejoice Servant of the Bishop From the name JILLFrom the name VIRGINIAFrom the name REGINA or VIRGINIAFrom JOHN & CHARLES (It)Flower From VIRGINIA or the Ginger Root From the name VIRGINIAShort for names ending with GINOServant From the name GEORGEGod is Gracious From the name GISELLEA Promise Good Gypsy From the name GITAFrom the name GITAYouthful (It)Form of JOSEPHHill, High Place Hewn Stone Lame A Secluded, Woody Valley Divine Goodness From the name GLENFem.

of Isabel Most Powerful of Greek Goddesses Form of EILEENGod Listens (Hb)God will Hear Honor (Tk)Fair One Freedom (Tk)Prince of God Hairy (Af)Thirsty From Italy From the name JOHNFrom the name IVYFrom the name IVYForm of Yves From the other side of the River The Hebrew Language A Vine I have no child (Af)Little Princess Magnetic Powerful Fearless Medicine Man (Af)Comforter Happy Beautiful, Attractive Purple From the name JOHNFrom JACQUELINE or JACLYNSon of JACKTo Protect Held By the Heel Supplant To Protect From the name JACOBFrom JACQUELINE or JACLYNWise Green Gemstone God Has Heard God Has Heard God has Heard Jade Prominent Brook, Creek (Af)From the name JAMES (Sp)I Love From the name JACOBFrom JAMES and LENOREFrom JAMES and LENOREFriend (Ar)Supplanter Form of JAMESFrom the name JAMESBeautiful From the name JANETFrom the name JANEForm of JANETGracious, merciful God's Gracious Gift God is Gracious, Little Jane Pet form of JANEGod is Gracious God is Gracious From the name JANEForm of JANEFrom the name JANEHe Expands (Hb)Slavic form of GERTRUDERuler Tributary Lord From the name JAREDA Conqueror A Flower in the Olive Family Healer Semi-precious stone Son of Japheth A Bird in the Crow Family God has Heard James From Jasmine & Lynn From the name JANEGod is Gracious From the name JANEFrom the name JACOBFrom the name JEFFREYSon of Jeffrey Gift of Peace A Dove One with Reddish Complexion (Af)Genesis Small Bird From JENNY and NELLFrom JENNIFER and VANESSAWhite Wave White Wave From the name JENNIFERGod is Gracious God is Gracious From JAREDFrom the name JEREMYGod Will Uplift From the name GERALDINERuler, Spear Thrower Moon City Descendant Holy Man From the name GERALDHoly Man Of Holy Name Holy Man From GERALD & DARRELLFROM JERICHOFrom the name GERALDInheritance From the name JESSICAFrom the name JESSICAGod's Grace From the name JESSICAGod Will Help Outstanding, Excellent Jet Black Gem Joy From the name JEWELImpure God's Grace Of the World Girl/Sweetheart From the name JILLFrom the name JAMESFrom the name JAMESTenderness (Jp)Related by Blood (Af)The Second Male (Jp)From the name JOANNEFrom the name JOANNEFrom the name JOANNEGod is Gracious Afflicted One Cheerful Light Hearted Short form of JACOB or JOHNFrom JOHANNAPraised Short for JOSEPHFrom the name JOSEPHGod is Willing God is Willing From the name JOSEPHGod is Gracious God Is Merciful From the name JOHNJoy Pretty Dim.

of JOLIEPleasant, Happy (Fr)From the name JOHNA Dove From the name JOHNFrom the name JOHNTo Flow, Descend Farmer From the name GEORGEVigilant Watchman The one God loves Descending From the name JOSEPH (Sp)God will Increase God will Increase Fem. Servant (Ar)Mighty Warrior Rejoicer, Waterfall Pool From the name KATHARINE (Gr)FROM KHALILOcean (HI)Ground Squirrel (Af)Laurel, Crown Pure Bright, Clear One who Works for the King (Af)Laurel, Crown Form of KELLYDark Goddess Form of CALEBThe Sun Most Beautiful One Energy, Black Goddess The Perfect One Spirit Guide, Protector Desolate, Arid (Af)Young Ceremonial Attendant Crooked Nose Ceremonial Attendant (Po)Firstborn Daughter (Af)Honor, Tribute Sweet Melody Tyrant (Af)Enormous Noble, Exalted From Catharine Pure One Pure of Heart Form of CARRICKFrom the name KAREEMGenerous One (Af)Dear Little One Grace (Gk)From the name CHARLES (Gr)Strong and Womanly Little and Womanly Fate Song, Songstress Horn of an Animal Anointed Mock, Ridicule (Af)From the Holy City Controller of Anger (Af)From the name CASPER (Gr)Pure (Po)From the name CATHERINEWorthy (Jp)From the name CATHERINEFrom KATHERINE and LYNNPure, Virginal Pure, Virginal Dim. of KATHERINEFrom the name (K)CATHERINEPure, Unsullied Pure, Unsullied Pure Rich From the name (K)CATHERINEBuying (Af)Rosy Reflection in the Sky From the name (K)CATHERINEWise Child (Nat. of CASSIUSWork (Af)First (Jp)Son of Eagan, Fiery Little Dark One Earth Old, Ancient Towars the East From KEEFERNoble, Gentle Son of Eagan, Fiery Lean (Gk)From the name KEELYBeauty Brave Little and Ancient Wise, Learned Garden Flower A Young Lioness Sandy, White (Af)Lead Cautiously (Jp)Child (HI)Black (Ir)Black Haired Little and Dark Forest Blessed (Jp)The Wind Place by the Flowing Water A Fountain Sparrow Hawk (Nat.

form of JOSEPHFrom the name JOSHUAJehovah Saves God Saves Fire of the Lord God Will Add Form of JOSHUA (Sp)Majestic Majestic Happy Joy Merry Joyful One From the name JOHN (Sp)God is beneficent (Hb)FROM GWENDOLYNFrom the name JOANNE (Sp)Ram (Hb)Praised Praised Praised From the name JUDITHPraise or Jewish Woman Son of Jud From the name JUDITHHeap of Love (Af)Youthful Soft-haired, youthful Youthful Soft-haired From the name JULIA & ANNEFrom the name JULIA & ANNEFrom the name JULIASoft-haired Form of JULIAN (Sp)To Make Known (Af)From the name JULIAEveryone Loves Him (Af)Truth (Ch)From June The Young, Child Just or True From the name JUSTINJust Little Lady Possession (Af)Hunter (Af)Sacred Dancer (Nat. Am)Initals K and CFrom the name (K)CATHERINEFrom KAY and LANAFrom KAY and LEE also see CHAELIFrom Initials K. Am)Chief (HI)Drinking Cup Powerful From the name KELLYPowerful Warrior or Warriorwoman From the name KELLYIsland of the Ships Of the Kelts/Celts Island of the Ships A Town of Celts Friend of Ships From the name KENNETHNine or December (Af)Valley of the River Kent The Loved One (Af)From the name KENNAWater Baby, Magical Gorgeous WOman Royal Meadow Child, Kin Form of KEENEHelmeted Chief Royal Handsome From the name KENNETHBright White From the town of Kent Male Born after 3 Girls (Af)Blond, White-haired Light Skinnedthe Life (HI)Derivitive of Leon (Af-Am)Loyal Name (Hb)Free Man Dark Haired Child (Ir)A Marshland Dark and Mysterious Dark Princess Beggar A Crown Handsome, Beautiful From KEVINGracious Immortal, Everlasting Friend Successorbenevolent Hill (Af)God is Strength From QUIANAFrom KENDRALittle Lady Female Born after 3 Boys (Af)Little Dark One Annointed Fog (Af)Short for names beginning with KGood Looking Conflict (Ir)From the name KIMBERLYLeader of the Warriors A Diamond-filled Rock She Who is Without Equal (Jp)From the name KIMBERLYGolden China (HI)Wing (Af)Ruler From the King's town Wave (HI)Meets World with Happiness (Jp)Someone Who Comes from Nowhere (Af)Love Cured Salmon From the name KIPLINGSun Gift from God (Af)Supreme Chief (Tk)A Church From the name KIRALordly One (Gk)From the Church The King (Af)Leaf Amaranth Blossoms From the name KRISTENKitten Night (Nat.

Am)Translation of Kitty (Sp)Beautiful (Af)A Crown Little Cat, or See CATHERINEQuiet Child (Jp)Cinnamon (Hb)Leader in Victory (Gr)General Knot (Po)Last Born, Mother's Pet (Af)Honest Counselor Stork (Jp)Coal Town Lunar Glow (HI)Maiden (Gk)Maiden Girl (Gk)Hollow Faithful (Rs)Harp (Jp)From the Court Tree Branches (Jp)From the name KRISTENFrom the name KRISTENChrist-bearer From the name KRISTENFrom the name KRISTENChrist-bearer Christbearer Christian, Annointed Bear (Jp)Braid (Jp)Braid (Jp)Treasure House (Jp)Chestnut (Jp)Thanks (Af)From the name CURTIS OR CONRADGod is Gracious (Nat.

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