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Normally on Fridays, I run readers questions for Ask Dr. On occasion, however, I’ll get a letter that necessitates going into greater depth than the usual submission.

No amount of demonetizing or "like if you feel sad" can excuse what he did. Before all the extended community outrage against Logan Paul’s “we found a dead body” video, there was a seemingly uncontested 550-600,000 likes on it. Unless youtube does something, this doesn’t hurt him.— Philip De Franco (@Philly D) January 2, 2018 After the widespread outrage over his video, Logan took down the video and issued an apology letter insisting he did not intend to exploit a man's suicide for views, but hoped to draw attention to the issue of [email protected] Paul You’re an idiot. Suicide is NEVER a joke, and shouldn't be used for shock value for a You Tube vlog.Logan Paul has posted an apology letter after coming under fire from fans and celebrities for a dangerous and insensitive vlog posted about his trip to Japan.In the video, Logan visits Aokigahara, a forest on Mt.Thus far, we still are at the point of my shrugging my shoulders and saying “… ” Because all we have is that don’t like these dudes.The more I thought about it, the more I realized this kind of stuff was incredibly common.

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