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Chief Deputy Attorney General Erik Olsen, who is leading the state investigation, declined comment.

In the raids early Friday, FBI agents searched Dougherty's home, his sister's home next door, the union headquarters and hall, the Mount Laurel home of the union's president, and the City Hall and district offices of Councilman Bobby Henon, who works for Dougherty's local. Hockeimer Jr., said Friday that after exhaustive federal scrutiny of both his client and the union, Local 98 has imposed tough auditing controls to ensure the integrity of its financial transactions.

Kane agreed to investigate after Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams appealed for state prosecutors to step in.

"Any allegations that the union engaged in threats or intimidation are utter fabrications," Keel said in a statement." He said union officials would cooperate with state authorities.Dougherty." The statement did not elaborate, but Local 98's political action committee has given ,500 to Williams' campaign fund in recent years.Conversely, though Williams and Dougherty are both Democrats, Williams once texted that people in politics needed to "watch your back" when it came to the union leader.For decades, as Local 98 of the electricians union has gained power and Dougherty, prominence, critics have said the union uses bullying and intimidation to win its way - both at the job site and at the polling booth. conduct, intimidation, and coercion." In 2004, the federal appeals court in Philadelphia said the union had committed "multiple unfair labor practices" at four job sites, targeting employers who hired nonunion electricians.At the end of the 1990s, the National Labor Relations Board described the union as "masters when it comes to unlawful . More recently, developer Ken Weinstein has complained that he got an intimidating response when he did not hire union electricians for a project to renovate a vacant Gothic church in Germantown to make it a school.

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