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We paid our taxes in this country."Could Gabriela ever see herself as the politician's wife? Nobody knew Lembit before I met him - not as a celebrity."And Monica, would she go out with Lembit? I don't feel he's my type, really."What does she mean? He has to look good, be honest, caring, liking sports activities - we do exercise a lot."That's Lembit to a tee, surely."I don't know - would I have to do anything in politics? I don't mind his job but it's not what I would do."People wouldn't put them together in a crowd, would they? Monica breaks into an uncontrollable laugh."I can't say more than this.- It’s a really fun way to date quickly and without fuss!

Once installed, the Cheeky Lovers dating app will enable you to:- Create a FREE profile and upload a photo- Search for matches (and sort results by gender, age, location or another parameter)- View profiles and photos of flirty members (both on the site and on the app)- Catch attention with winks All our members are real people in a mood for flirty online dating! Join thousands of single men and women, who are all ready to show off their flirty side and explore the world of online dating!

Because I can't imagine it, to be honest."Is she a Lib Dem? He's just, you know - I'm just a bit different.""Very nicely put Monica," says Gabriela, who says that age difference - Opik is 43 - is of no significance. According to Ray, the girls should have earned £1 million from record sales.

That was before their record label, Telstar, collapsed.

The brooding atmosphere is not helped when the Cheekies arrive in the dark, panelled lounge of the town's Mermaid Hotel. Altogether now: "We are the cheeky girls/ we are the cheeky girls/ you are the cheeky boys/ you are the cheeky boys…""It seems to have been around for longer than it has because after the first year it was already a classic," says Gabriela. The Cheeky Song (subtitled Touch My Bum) rings in the head like a North Korean brainwashing mantra. But the Cheekies are famous for another reason: Gabriela's 18-month liaison with the Liberal Democrat frontbench spokesman Lembit Opik.

Black-haired, black-waistcoated, black-culotted, the twins look as though they've just popped over from Carpathia for a quick bite. It was hot news in late 2006 when Opik expressed his devotion for Gabi, and was recently thrust in the spotlight when Opik's ex-fiancée Sian Lloyd published her autobiography.

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