Dating on campus

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Rinnova was the resounding winner for on-campus date spots with a total of 334 votes, but other students were willing to settle for benches, lounges in academic buildings (or, as one student responded, “Apple mah dude”), dorms or the BTS, or just somewhere quiet and secluded.

“Anywhere to get away from others,” a junior male said.

Kettering Ice Arena Maybe you and your date want to participate in a winter activity instead of the cliché coffee date.

Try getting out on the ice at The Kettering Ice Arena in Dayton.

Survey responses to the question “where on campus would you go on a date?Cedarville University couples aren’t limited to dating on- campus or at a pseudo- on-campus location like Beans and Cream or Telemetry.This Valentine’s season, take the initiative to suggest someplace new.If you’re not interested in a sit-down kind of dating experience, you and your date could easily spend hours exploring all the nooks and crannies of this building.Plus, you can pick up some bargain books that will make great conversation pieces for future dates.

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