Dating rights and responsibilities

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Exceptional acting/role playing help to make each video credible and viewers will relate to the teens being portrayed as they are very recognizable and could be part of their own family.These DVDs come with a Teacher’s Resource materials that make learning objectives clear and help to promote classroom discussions.This item is included in the following series/curriculum: Dating Rights and Responsibilities Tool Kit Dating Relationships and Harassment Tool Kit Teen Challenges Tool Kit Sexual Assault and Harassment Tool Kit For teens who are just beginning to date, knowing how to behave in a relationship can be tricky.In this program, teens learn the essentials of a healthy partnership, including trust, communication, respect, and conflict resolution.Narratives pertaining to teens who have struggled to get through these various life changing events are very moving.Each video smartly confronts teenage problems and gives real advice and hope on how to change the outcomes and build peer interactions that are healthy and respectful.These are a vital aspect of Dating Violence Prevention but cannot change the tide alone.

Being in a relationship, even when you’re in middle school or high school, takes work.

Noting that trust doesn’t happen overnight, the program counsels viewers to be honest about feelings and needs, and to support each other’s individuality and goals, which will help build a strong bond.

The program also looks at the negative aspects of bad relationships, including control issues, manipulation, and the unhealthiness of fantasies like ( a role-play vignette notes that Romeo likely didn’t know Juliet’s favorite color, or anything other than that she was cute).

This enlightening video and print curriculum delivers a strong message against dating abuse and violence.

Teens learn to recognize the signs of abuse in a relationship and how to become empowered to get out of an unhealthy partnership or help a friend do the same.

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