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As someone else said it should be a joyful experience and you should experience it like that! Yeah I know about the 45 mins, a I said we went private and it was her last appt of the evening so she had plenty of time and as with busy hospitals they wouldn't have the time but they should have the manner.. My first scan was fine but my 20 week scan was like yours, very upsetting.

I hope you are ok, I'm sure everything is fine Hun, as if it wasn't medical staff are obliged to tell, and no scan is 100% I know, but if they feel the need to tell us that, they could put it in a way that sounds at least respectful.x Wow! Defo report her nobody should be spoken to like that!

I think despite the fact that most of the staff in HS seem to be angels there is always going to be a bad egg. I wouldn't call the midwives, your pregnancy is proceeding like normal because if the midwife had really anything to worry about, she would have been obliged to follow it up.

Hugs I would most certainly call the midwives and follow up on this.

I know that the scan has limitations but the way she spoke to me, I feel was wrong and I also know it would be highly unlikely for a baby to survive if born at 22 weeks but I don't know why she said it because I haven't had any problems with the pregnancy so nothing has happened to suggest this might be a possibility. I am public and on the Domino scheme and can't get through to any of the midwives on the phone today. You've had no problems with the pregnancy, everything will be absolutely fine, keep the faith.

It shouldnt matter if you are public or private - no woman should be treated like that particularly at a time when you are looking for some reassurance. And each week that goes by your LO just getting bigger and stronger.

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