Dating someone with general anxiety disorder

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Once you're in that level of an attack, you simply need to wait until it's over.

Disorientation is at its worst at the peak of the attack, and because you're disoriented, it's unlikely you'll be of the state of mind to try any techniques to reduce your anxiety in the moment.

An overwhelming anxiety triggered by a cancer diagnosis is one thing, but that the anxiety itself continued long after she went into remission (deemed a medical miracle by doctors in May 2012) seemed unfair, to say the least.

The war that Natalie refers to – GAD – is defined by Dr David Baldwin, professor of psychiatry at Southampton University, as ‘an excessive and persistent worrying that is hard to control, accompanied by psychological symptoms such as apprehensiveness and irritability, and physical symptoms such as excessive perspiration, tremor and stomach upset.’That sounds remarkably familiar.

It's very common for those with intense stress and anxiety to suddenly feel completely disoriented as that anxiety takes over.

PTSD this severe often needs to be in the hands of a professional, to prevent anything from triggering those extreme levels of anxiety.

If anxiety is making you disoriented, it often means you're already in the midst of a severe anxiety attack.

This can cause you to feel "spacy" and lightheaded, almost as though you are going to faint. When hyperventilation is at its worst, it can cause you to feel incredibly disoriented because your brain doesn't have enough energy to concentrate.

In some cases this may also be combined with the racing thoughts to make disorientation even worse.

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