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David’s strongest source of charisma stems from the fact that he makes you feel energized.

After every occasion I’ve had to spend time with him, I felt empowered and ready to take over the world.

Of course, you will eventually do that but it’s all about being social, meeting everyone and connecting with the people you like.

You are never at war, on the battlefield, trying to conquer the woman.

When around him, there is none of that pressure to pick-up the girl, to kiss her or to get her phone number.Sebastian knows how to explain how to act, think and speak like a highly attractive “elite” man. and if you get to go out with him, don’t be surprised that you or him end up with a woman in intimate situations that you would have never expected 45 minutes ago.He knows how to keep an interaction moving forward at an incredible speed and he’s an approach machine. How does one determine the best Pick-Up Artists (PUAs)?Is there even a difference between pick-up and dating coaches?

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