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I retired from the Air Corps in 1997 and at present I am an Engineering Manager with a large American company in Ireland .

Bridget Beirne ’93 & ’94 : After completing my Leaving Cert I did a course in computers in FAS with Lisa Devlin.

[May 08] Grace Arrigan ’95: I’m just writing to let you all know that I’m living in Sligo now going to Sligo IT doing Interior Architecture and loving it. It is amazing how seeing a list of names can bring back a flood of memories one thought had been gone for years.

I’m missing home a bit but it’s really great up here. For my own part, I spent 25 years in the Irish Air Corps both on flying and Admin duties; spent a number of years in the Middle East with the UN. ), three marvelous children and we are living in Lucan.

Met another wonderful man, Andreas, in MS and we got married last year but not before having 2 children together, Max and Alex. But with both of us working in MS, we both couldn’t keep up the travel and the exhausting work hours so when I had Max, I went back after maternity leave but had to call it a day.

It was a choice between my kids or work and my kids won and I was in a wonderful position that I could retire!

During this time I had my first child, Lauren, and my mom took care of her so I could go back to work.

At the moment we are getting house renovated so we had to move out.[May '06] Attracta Bell ’86 : After leaving school I worked part time in UCD.A full time position became available and I am now co-managing one of the Student Union shops.I am a Senior Program Manager which includes working on products such as Messenger, Hotmail and Mobile .I get to travel with my job which can be fun going to places like Seattle , Slovakia & Europe . Mom, Ursula Beirne, worked there in the canteen for many years – boiled fruit cake, yummy salad sandwiches, etc. Well, she left when pregnant — my sister Louise is now 16 going on 17. Lucky to have 3 healthy and happy children: Lauren 13, Max 7 and Alex 5. Went into Dublin and did a full-time business course for a couple of months, then went to FAS in Loughlinstown and did the Desktop Publishing course (in the days when that technology was all brand new).

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