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Refer detailed documentation and/or a complete demo.

The latest version of the extension is release v1.7.6.

Instead of writing the repeated code we can simply have our views inherit from a base view.

Also, Django ships with a collection of generic view classes that can be used to do some of the most common tasks.

The Action Container View Item is used to display a particular Action Container in a UI.

Use this approach when you need to place an Action on a Detail View or Dashboard View layout.

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Of course we’re still going to be combining them with either built-in class-based views, or other generic class-based views, but there are a range of rarer problems you can solve than are provided for by Django out of the box.(Of course, you can always dip into Django’s implementation of the generic class-based views for inspiration on how to tackle problems.) provides built-in pagination, but you might want to paginate a list of objects that are all linked (by a foreign key) to another object.In our publishing example, you might want to paginate through all the books by a particular publisher.The single most significant advantage in Django class-based views is inheritance.On a large project, it's likely that we will have lots of similar views.

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