Eharmony dating dangers

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after I finished telling him my dilemma, he became immediately defensive and accused me of not letting him speak and also offered to have someone send me an email from eharmony.

I asked if there would be any possibility of a refund, he said simply ,"NO." The most unfair part is that I have been charged for a service that I have not and will not use.

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Recently, while recovering from a back injury and feeling somewhat sorry for myself, I got several matches and started communicating with several potential dates.

Did these paying matches know that I was trying out for free? The manager tried to tell me it was a lapse period when I called to complain. And, I found out that when you are not a member of eharmony by terminating your membership, they leave you up as just "closed". The last was particularly funny in light of the fact he regularly told me he loved "honesty to the core" and I must always tell the truth with him...

Is my match left open with them and I never communicate with them and they don't know what ever happened to me. A feature that is used by all who are not interested in this match for a variety of reasons that only you can pick from a list of options that Eharmony provides. Then, the kicker, he said I was his ideal woman after only a couple emails...(on what continent does THAT really happen).

I think I have a pretty in tune intuition and am intelligent enough to know a scam when I see one. I "met" a man named "Peter" on e Harmony who claimed he lived in Lake City, FL. He was widowed (his wife died in a plane crash..flag 1)and he had a 10 year old son.

He claimed to be an antiques dealer, dealing mostly in beads and African sculpture.

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