Endometrial dating infertility

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Histological analyses were done in the portion of the tissue nearest to the embolus.

The specimen was fixed in formaldehyde 10% and sections of 4 mµ thickness were stained with hematoxilin-eosin.

As there was no statistical difference between these values, biopsies performed on either of these days seem to be equally effective for determining endometrial maturation.

considering as out-of-phase a delay of 3 days or more.

This study excluded patients exhibiting a short luteal phase, low luteal phase progesterone secretion or hyperprolactinemia.

Their cycles had follicular and luteal phases of normal length, and pre-ovulatory follicular diameter Considering that the endometrial secretory phase is induced by progesterone, and the synthesis of this hormone is LH-dependent, taking the LH peak day as the reference appears to be the most appropriate.

CONTEXT: Endometrial maturation, important in the diagnosis of infertile couples, has been evaluated since 1950 using the Noyes criteria.

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The following day was taken as the first of the luteal phase (LH 1).

Consequently, these two study groups may be not comparable.

Although endometrial maturity can still be determined via other tests (biochemical, immunohistochemical, electron microscopy, etc), their cost/benefit ratios are prohibitive.

Endometrial biopsies were done on days LH 6 and LH 10 with the suction catheter Pipelle.

In the first of these, the catheter was introduced with its subterminal orifice directed to the right uterine wall and in the second, to the left.

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