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It's very hard to describe it without giving too much away and spoiling it. I mean, he is just so courteous and very old school in his charm. And naturally, surprise, surprise, he's really funny. And he's a great actor, taking on so much in this film.

I think it's fabulous and the script was on the Hollywood blacklist. Not only embodying a man suffering from schizophrenia butproviding the voices for his pets and then working on a dialogue between all of them. Plus, he doesn't have any airs or graces, and he's the most down-to-earth Hollywood actor I've ever worked with. And Justin, I loved working with [in Runner Runner] I remember when he played in London there, was it last year/ the year before?

However, after a string of Tinseltown misfires including Hansel and Gretel and Runner Runner with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake, the big screen sheen started to lose its appeal for the 29 year-old,divorced from Italian fashion exec Stefano Castelli in 2013 and now dating Frenchman, director Franklin Ohanessian.

Lured to the West End for the musical version of low budget hit, Made in Dagenham, Arterton dodged wobbly reviews and early show nerves to find her feet during the six month run, which comes to an end in April, and now finds herself nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

Despite mere moments on screen as the dubiously titled Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace, Arterton's scorching turn was all Hollywood needed to know it was on to something special.

The beauty landed starring roles in mega blockbusting monoliths, Prince of Persia with Jake Gyllenhaal and Clash of the Titans, earning a reportedly cool £1million for each while maintaining her theatrical roots in grounded fare, The Disappearance of Alice Creed and whimsical comedy, Tamara Crewe.

Appearing haughty and hesitant while glancing at me from below chestnut bangs, she stares at me for a drawn out paused moment, saying absolutely nothing, indicating a particularly difficult grilling ahead. Raised on a council estate, after her parents separated when she was six, the RADA graduate made a big impression very early on, with roles in Love's Labour Lost at the Globe and a scene-stealer in first big screen part, St Trinian's, reportedly swiped from Sienna Miller.

Till she opens those pursed, crafted plumps lips to speak."I'm sorry," she says, "but my tummy doesn't feel too well. But it was Bond which truly put the young ingénue on the map.

ARTERTON: Do you know what, it seems so much longer.It's been good so far and good to do something different in my career, which is what I'm all about really. Never, it was the best job, and it put me on the map, let's be honest. Q: It was ridiculously short though, byour time on screen. So the fact that I got some screen time in a Bond movie, blows my mind.Q: And congratulations is in order on the Olivier nomination Best Actress in a musical - pretty proud moment I'd imagine? It becomes like this muscle that grows and grows and soon, you forget about the audience being there. ARTERTON: It's hard to, and sometimes the faces seems so close, but yea, a lot of them time, you're unaware. One day we heard Tom Cruise was next door and you know, if he had come in, that would have been... So we had a few actors friends, my mate Paloma [Faith] came to see me. Q: You say you like to change things up with your career, which has taken on many faces for someone who's still not even thirty. I need to test myself because I was scared that I was at risk of being typecast. Q: You're still only 29, yet done so much in such a short space of time. ARTERTON: Yea, I am, but there's still a lot to do. ARTERTON: Not just RADA, back to where I grew up in Kent.But I got so carried away, it kind of slipped out." But the former Bond girl maintains the pleasure was all Gyllenhaal's: "Everyone said I was lucky to be snogging (kissing) him, but he's the lucky one!EN Interview 1 - Slinky and poised in a clinging black knit skirt and leather jacket, Gemma Arterton oozes a femme fatale veneer as we sit down to chat in London's Soho Hotel. I do apologise if it happens again."Seems haughty and hesitant can be mistaken for a digestive ailment these days because the former make-up counter girl from Gravesend in Kent is anything but.

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