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Can you say anything better of a believer other than that he/she does everything fi sabillah (for the sake of Allah)?BAD CHILDREN The child who errs is forgiven by Allah, and if he dies in childhood, he automatically goes to heaven.When the parents pay zakah (yearly compulsory tax), they should mention the fact to their children.When they visit the sick, they should quote a Qur'anic ayah (verse) or hadith (story about Prophet Muhammad) which indicates that this action pleases Allah.ISLAM AND DAILY LIFE Too often when parents think about talking to their children about Islam, they concentrate on the ritual of the five pillars.They teach them how to make salah (required prayer), and they teach them some short Qur'anic surah (chapters).

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If you say that what they did or are doing is making you and Allah happy, then the child begins to associate good behavior with acting for the pleasure of Allah, which in a nutshell, is exactly what being a good Muslim involves.He or she grows up thinking that it is religion that keeps him from enjoying life.ATTRIBUTES OF ALLAH When you are talking to children under the age of twelve, stress the characteristics of Allah that will give him security and assurances as he grows and encounters fearful situations and unknowns.This mercy of Allah should guide us as we guide our children.It is not necessary to make the child fearful of Allah or fearful of going to hell.

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