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If you've ever dealt with a broken home button you're likely familiar with how Assistive Touch works but you'll now need to create a custom gesture as well.Choose "Create New Gesture" from the Assistive Touch menu and hold down on the screen until the blue bar on the bottom has reached the end.Hunters will have to solve and follow clues throughout each city, and after the final clue, users will unlock a Snapchat i Phone 8 lens.To win an i Phone, users have to take a selfie with that lens and send it to Verizon where the company will pick the winners, saying, “The more creative you get, the better your chances.” The theme of the hunt is “8” — as in i Phone 8 — featuring eight cities and eight winners in each city until September 22nd.Good news: it's not only possible, it's easier than you may think.While there's no official way to enable hands-free recording in the app itself, there's a relatively simple workaround for i Phone users via i OS' accessibility settings (we haven't yet found a reliable method for Android, unfortunately.) Assistive Touch and enable Assistive Touch.There is a minor catch, though: those who do win a phone will have to sign up to a plan with Verizon (for obvious reasons).The competition is only running for four days, and it’s currently on its second one, so you better get to it if you want to get your hands on the first i Phone with wireless charging.

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The updated version introduced several speed and design enhancements, including swipe navigation, double-tap to reply, an improved friend finder, and in-app profiles.Drag the circle over the shutter button in the Snapchat app to begin recording without the need to keep holding down on your phone.While the trick is pretty seamless, there are a couple caveats.Accessing your location, the app will tell you how far away you are from the prize and when you need to get there.For example, one clue says, “The 8 is hiding near an elephant, that is your clue.

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