Jac vanek and ryan ross dating

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Back in early May the news of the two actors dating first went public after they were seen getting cozy at Milo & Olive in Santa Monica.The new relationship comes on the heels of Michele splitting...Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah, he’s been taking voice lessons for a little bit so thats starting to help him Pete Wentz ( PM): Is he on?I mean on here he sounds awesome Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah he’s on pitch, we recorded that stuff with like a 100 dollar vocal mic.The double-dating duo was seen leaving the restaurant and all smiles after their Saturday night outing.Michele donned a black boho blouse, jeans and wedges for the date, while her new beau opted to wear a blue polo and gray sweatshirt for the date.One of the first instances where Ryden speculations came into play was this conversation that Ryan Ross had with Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.This conversation took place on August 8, 2004, after Wentz contacted the band in order to sign them to his label later. Notice how Ryan calls Brendon “dead sexy.”Pete Wentz ( PM): Hey Ryan Ross ( PM): hey Pete Wentz ( PM): Is this the guy fro poanic at the disco Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah im ryan, is this pete?

The new couple grabbed a bite to eat at Los Angeles eatery Pace with Michele's gal pal (and former Glee co-star) Becca Tobin and her fiancé Zach Martin last night.

the only effects we used was pretty much reverb on the main parts.

Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah sounds good kind of like patrick Pete Wentz ( PM): I like it Ryan Ross ( PM): yeah thats the only thing we get that alot. we like your band but we dont want to sound like you guys, or be compared to fob all the time you know?

Pete Wentz ( PM): Yeah Ryan Ross ( PM): hey man Pete Wentz ( PM): How arer you Ryan Ross ( PM): im not bad, working on a paper for english. Pete Wentz ( PM): Going really well Pete Wentz ( PM): How’s everything wiht your band are those just remixes Ryan Ross ( PM): awesome, yeah we only did those on my laptop because we cant get into a studio yet.

but we still have alot of those parts live and full band Pete Wentz( PM): Does it have samples like that Pete Wentz ( PM): How many people are in the band….

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