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Like years before, in many countries around the world the grassroots communities led the campaigns, and opened up a deeper consciousness and understanding of the many forms of violence affecting women,” stated Monique Wilson, Director of One Billion Rising.

“There is so much madness and suffering, so much exploitation and violence, but we are flying in another direction, fueled by our collective decision to end violence and rise for love and revolution.

In addition to using the suggested hashtags #1billionrising and #rise4revolution, activists launched the hashtags #whyirise, #Vets Rising #Somos Revolución, #Un Billón De Pie, #choberises and more.

The scope and the scale of the activities are vast and yet specific.

“Countries and communities around the world determine how and why are they rising, bringing into their actions local issues and contexts and their own self-determined aspirations of the change they want to see happen as they continue to rise and demand justice.

But they also know that they are connected to a huge and diverse global movement that brings global solidarity and allows local issues to be made visible not just within the national spotlight, but also within the international context.

Activists RISE to call for a new kind of consciousness – one where violence will be resisted until it is unthinkable.

At a meeting in Rome last Spring, One Billion Rising’s global coordinators chose the theme of “Revolution” for 2015 as an escalation of the demand for justice, and to build upon the massive efforts of communities worldwide that also looked at the roots and causes of violence as part of their call for justice.

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