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29/12/2016 : --- New Session opening on SRV-XA01 --- 29/12/2016 : * Client Name (from env: CLIENTNAME) : 29/12/2016 : * IP address : 10.1 29/12/2016 : * Client Name from [Environment]:: Get Environment Variables("user"). The IP Address I get is the good one from the current Client.Client Name : Test Client1 29/12/2016 : --- Logon script successfully ended ! So why is the Client Name environment variable not updated at the time the logon script is running ? Logon script : $Domain Name = "domain.fr" # Nom de l'utilisateur $User Name = $env: USERNAME $Scripts Dir = "\$Domain Name\Scripts" $Log Dir = "$Scripts Dir\Scripts XA7\Logs" $global: Log File = "$Log Dir$User Name.log" Import-Module "$Scripts Dir\Systeme\Modules\Write-Log" # Serveur Citrix $Computer Name = $env: COMPUTERNAME # Poste client $Client Name = $env: CLIENTNAME Write-Log "--- New Session opening on $Computer Name ---" Write-Log "* Client Name (from env: CLIENTNAME) : $Client Name" $IPExe = "$PSScript Root\IP\gettscip.exe" # On lance l'exécutable qui va remonter l'adresse IP et on la stocke dans la variable `$ip` $ip = Invoke-Expression $IPExe $ip = $ip -replace "WTSClient Address: ","" # On place cette adresse IP dans la variable d'environnement `CLIENTIP` [Environment]:: Set Environment Variable("CLIENTIP", $ip, "User") Write-Log "* IP address : $ip" Write-Log "* Client Name from [Environment]:: Get Environment Variables("user").

Check your licensing, you may be eligable to install e PO server, it runs on a 2K server and updates all the clients automatically, it sends each client an "Agent" which runs under an admin acoount from a peice of software called a Framework Package.

So if the network is not available the script is not accessible, because its on the server not the workstation. I would set the local policy on the systems to 'wait for network before logging on' when they are connected to domain the script should then run ok. MSC Computer Config - admin templates - system - logon - always wait for network...

When user's logon to pc batch script runs which maps network drives and updates Network assoicates (ver anit-virus files.

Is there a way to force Windows to cache the script locally to start before the network is up?

The server environment is Windows 2008 R2 and the workstations are Windows 7. We can by a policy require that the network needs to be initialized before logon: that is something else to running scripts synchronously.

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