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Since the fatal shooting last year of six men in a Quebec City mosque, police in the province have taken a more aggressive stand against online hate speech. 29 shooting, three people were arrested — two in the Montreal area and one in Quebec City — and accused of making threatening comments on social media about Muslims.​Quebec City police made further arrests in October (a 47-year-old woman) and December (a 46-year-old man) on the same grounds.None of the arrests were directly connected to the shooting at the mosque, though the man accused of the killings also expressed radical anti-immigrant views on social media.

Any profile who address those topics will be banned. His research suggests mass killers share certain behavioural patterns: they are narcissistic, they display an admiration for weapons and will break away from their normal pattern of social interaction, often indicating their murderous intention to someone.Laurier is developing software that will link existing artificial intelligence programs that can already analyze text for signs of narcism, recognize certain images and pattern social media activity.​"The goal of our program — it's not finished yet — is to detect speech, detect images of guns or bombs and detect whether a person is going outside of their usual network. Once a problem is flagged, he added, it would then be up to an officer to carry out a more personalized investigation.It is an approach that would allow police to allocate their resources more effectively, but Laurier said there is a reluctance among law enforcement agencies in Quebec to trust the technology."When you talk about computer science people are afraid.

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