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Billing descriptors can be truncated by processing systems, causing incomplete phone numbers.

Avoid this by confirming your descriptors monthly, making test purchases with various credit cards, and reviewing the descriptions online and on your statement.

Depending on the card type, chargeback rates exceeding 0.5% or 1.0% (by sale count) can result in substantial fines and excessive rates can cause your merchant account to be terminated with the possibility of card brand banishment.

Even a small number of chargebacks demonstrates that you have some unhappy customers.

The three most common chargeback reasons for CNP merchants are: “Unauthorized Use” chargebacks occur when consumers claim their cards were used without their knowledge or permission.

In some cases, this will reflect actual fraud and may require the issuing bank to close the account.

This is particularly important with high value orders.

For example: LNC*EXECUTIVEGADGETS 800-5551212 MA Use a company name or brand the customer will recognize and include a toll-free telephone number.

If your customer doesn’t remember the purchase, they will generally call the number in the descriptor before contacting the card issuer.

“Authorization Not Obtained” chargebacks occur when the card issuer believes that a valid authorization was not obtained for a deposit.

The merchant may have attempted a forced deposit, used an invalid authorization, or obtained a voice authorization.

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