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When the soldiers saw the cave, they didn’t bother to search it – after all, no one could be hiding inside it if the spider web was undisturbed.A parallel story appears in the life of the prophet Mohammed, who hid in a cave when fleeing his enemies.Arachne, horrified and ashamed to realize where her hubris had taken her, hanged herself.Athena, feeling that the mortal had learned the error of challenging the gods, turned the hanging rope into web, and Arachne into a spider, so she might weave beautiful creations for all time.Spiders and webs have been featured in traditions around the world, and have meant many things to many cultures.In many cultures spiders stand as the creators of our universe and world, and also serve as agents of destruction.Several regional clans use spider totems in rituals.North American indigenous cultures have often portrayed spiders as creators, helpers, and wisdom keepers.

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The retelling of these “spider tales” imparts moral lessons through the generations.This is the origin of the word , a term we use for spiders to this day.Being crafty and industrious weavers of webs is only one trait of spiders which been used symbolically across the ages.Yale University archaeologist Richard Burger told “other symbolic associations for the spider god included war, hunting, power or textiles.There is an image of spider deities holding nets filled with decapitated human heads, so there was an analogy with successful warriors and claims of power.” The mysterious Nazca lines in the desert of southern Peru contain arachnid imagery.

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