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NOTE: The latest scripts (as of pm EST) MAY allow direct conversion of a 1.4.5 profile to 2.1.0 without deleting Palm Profile data.

Please read the information under "Palm Profile" below to understand the issues that my arise from attempting this, as well as the required solutions to resolve those issues.

From the command line, type "cd meta-doctor" without the quotes and press enter.

Then type "git pull" without the quotes and press enter.

They do not replace the information on this page, which you should read from top to bottom first.

A guide by web OSNation (née Pre Central) on backing up your device can be found here.

Here are some other pages which you may find useful in addition to this page.

Then type "make clobber" without the quotes and press enter. You now have the latest scripts and a clean folder to build your doctor in.

From the meta-doctor directory, run the meta-script that corresponds to your device (note that the strings enclosed by with the specific values that match your particular situation, using the detailed information given in the section below that matches your particular device and carrier.

Working knowledge of Meta Doctor and Linux systems in general is needed.

If you feel the need to ask whether you should do this on your primary phone, then you should not, as that indicates that you have not yet taken the required precautions and backups in case something goes wrong.

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