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Joseph was an active supporter of the French empire and believed it would greatly assist the economy of the region.He provided key support for the French empire during the Franco-Dahomean wars, was awarded the French medal of honor for his service, and became one of three African advisers to the French colonial administration.The situation, with Houénou arrested and his efforts to file a lawsuit against the police officers, was only resolved with the intervention of the French government. He met Roberta Dodd Crawford, a classical singer from Texas studying in Paris, and the two married in 1931.He spend much of his later years in Dakar, Senegal because he was exiled from both Dahomey and France on multiple occasions.Although he shared many of the aims of UNIA, Houénou believed that France was largely an unprejudiced society that needed reform of colonial administration, but not the type of societal reform that UNIA sought in the United States.Houénou said at the UNIA in 1924 that France "will never tolerate the prejudices of color.

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In 1925, he was blamed for an uprising in Dahomey and was forcibly exiled by the French authoriteis from the colony.Kojo Tovalou Houénou (born Marc Tovalou Quénum; 25 April 1887 – 13 July 1936) was a prominent African critic of the French colonial empire in Africa.Born in Porto-Novo (a French protectorate in present-day Benin) to a wealthy father and a mother who was related to the king of the Kingdom of Dahomey.Following unrest attributed to him in Dahomey, he relocated eventually to Dakar, Senegal where he continued to be harassed by the French authorities.He died from Typhoid fever in 1936 while imprisoned in Dakar on contempt of court charges.

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