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Andrew and John found Jesus—Jesus found Philip, whose name is a Greek one both by custom and derivation.A Jewish name he must have had, since all the apostles were Jews, but what it was remains unknown.He is also a member of the board of trustees at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and an international council member of London's Tate Gallery.He was educated at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland. The late Stavros Niarchos amassed one of the "most important collections of Impressionist and modern art in private hands." Niarchos has made plenty of additions to his father's legacy.Instead of telling the Master that He was able to feed the hungry crowd, Philip made a mental calculation of how much food would be necessary to give each person a portion, and how much it would cost, and declared the project to be impossible.

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Unlike Andrew and John, Philip did not approach Jesus, but waited till He accosted him and invited him to join His company.If, and when, they accompanied their father in his missionary journeys, opportunities would come their way of preaching to women, both among Jews and Gentiles, and of assisting in the baptism of female converts.Their utter devotion to the Lord must have constantly cheered the heart of their father whose faith they followed.In three lists Philip is bracketed with Nathanael as companion and fellow worker. This Philip must not be confused with Philip the Deacon, considered below.We never read of the later Philip before Pentecost, nor of Philip the Apostle after Pentecost.

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