Rules for dating a coworker

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Rule #8: Watch your language, even when you're away from your desk.Anything you do during the day—even while you're on break—is a reflection of your professional self.If clients see you clash with a coworker, you'll both come off as unprofessional.

Below are our top 10 rules for professionals, accompanied by real-life examples of coworkers behaving badly."Well, two fellow flight attendants were unhappy when a couple took over a row of seats they had their eye on, so they stole the couple's shoes and left them in a trash bag in the galley." Sure, there might be someone out there who will laugh at your antics, but they're best saved for your time off.Rule #5: Take a breath before you hit "Send." The easiest way to confront a coworker is often via email—you get to have your say without any ugly face-to-face drama.Caitlyn in New York worked in clothing retail for two years and often butted heads with a particularly snippy coworker."Any time I asked for help, like during a holiday rush, she'd say over her shoulder—and in front of a line of customers—'Not my problem.'" Whether a colleague seems to be extra-needy or entirely incompetent, wait to deal with the situation (probably by having a private conversation with your boss) once you're out of customers' earshot. That means no lifting sticky notes from the supply closet or taking a company car to run personal errands—illegal or otherwise.

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