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Matthews, who has been with her husband for 35 years, said she doesn’t remember any events like these from back when she was dating.

“Doing something that’s not what you normally do takes away any barriers,” she said.

Katy Gunn, a musician, and Shomit, 30, a floral designer who did not want to give his last name, both said the walls automatically came down because everyone knew everyone else was single.

“There’s no real pressure,” Gunn said, as opposed to the bar scene, where it’s hard to meet date-worthy people.

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Mathews also hosted Save the Date(ing)’s first event at her studio Chambers Pottery, after she met Elliot through one of her students.“It’s definitely a lot easier to converse than when you’re in a loud bar.” That’s the idea Hattie Elliot had several months ago when she started Save the Date(ing) as a way of connecting her many single friends and acquaintances.Last Thursday’s Pizza 101 event was the third she has run, following a wine class in January and a pottery workshop in December.“This feels like a party where there are a lot of cool people, and there just happens to be the same number of girls and guys,” said Pete, a 39-year-old TV writer and producer who did not want to give his last name.The advantage of a screened event is that “most likely, no one’s going to be a complete psychopath,” he said.

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