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As outrage in the public and Congress boiled over during Nassar’s sentencing hearing last month, Blackmun and the USOC forced a wholesale change in USA Gymnastics leadership and pledged to help reform an exploitative culture in elite gymnastics that USOC officials have deplored for prioritizing winning medals over protecting children. While sport national governing bodies, as a group, were years behind peer organizations in mandating protection measure such as criminal background checks and abuse education programs for coaches, USA Gymnastics actually has been among the more aggressive on child protection within this community.

But according to interviews with dozens of victims and Olympic insiders and a review of thousands of pages of records produced in lawsuits against Olympic organizations, some of the blame for that culture belongs with the USOC. “Everybody that’s part of the Olympic movement needs to step up their game in this area.” But to those who have spoken out about sex abuse in Olympic sports over the years, the USOC’s sudden alarm over gymnastics — after failing to crack down on officials during similar scandals involving USA Swimming, U. Speedskating, USA Judo and USA Taekwondo — seems disingenuous. In 1999, in a letter made public last year as evidence in a lawsuit, former USA Gymnastics chief executive Bob Colarossi warned Blackmun, then general counsel of the USOC, and two other top officials that other national governing bodies lacked basic abuse prevention measures.

USA Judo didn’t act on them, its chief executive later explained to a reporter, because the statements had not been submitted under oath, as the organization’s bylaws required.

Frustrated at USA Judo’s inaction, Rousey’s mother — Ann Maria De Mars, herself a former judo fighter who said one of her friends was a victim — called the USOC.

“Scott has a very different recollection of his conversation with Ms.

Farrell, but she deserves our support, not our disagreement,” USOC spokesman Mark Jones wrote in an email.

Methodological issues are pointed out that have hindered progress in the field, and directions are offered for future research. Kalichman for his ideas and comments throughout this project.

Thomas Cafferty and Charlene Muehlenhard are acknowledged for their valuable contributions.

Two senators have called for Blackmun to resign, and three congressional committees are demanding answers from the USOC about its knowledge of Nassar’s abuse. You would have had to have been blind, deaf and dumb.” In some ways, it’s ironic that USA Gymnastics is the organization in the midst of the abuse scandal that has senators calling for change in USOC leadership.That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” [USOC, USA Gymnastics and Michigan State answer to Congress for Larry Nassar scandal] In an email in response to questions about criticism raised by victims and advocates, USOC spokesman Jones defended the organization’s abuse prevention efforts, such as requiring basic child protection measures at Olympic sports organizations in 2014 and the creation of the U. Center for Safe Sport, a nonprofit that opened last year to take over dealing with suspicions of abuse committed by Olympic-affiliated coaches, athletes and officials. Wielgus — who died last year — claimed he didn’t remember the conversation.“Athlete protection is everyone’s responsibility, and we have repeatedly made that case in words and actions,” Jones wrote. Evidence also emerged showing Wielgus allowed a USA Swimming national team coach who admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old to resign quietly and take a job working at a country club a few miles away. As they met at USOC headquarters in Colorado Springs, Farrell recalled recently, Blackmun praised her courage and then made a request: If other victims approached Farrell, she should tell them to contact the USOC and not to speak to the media. senators have called for USOC chief executive Scott Blackmun to step down, board chairman Larry Probst, right, stood by him this month, saying Blackmun has “served the USOC with distinction.” (Eric Risberg/Associated Press) In March 2013, a few weeks after she publicly accused one of the most accomplished American athletes in her sport of molesting her when she was 15, speedskater Bridie Farrell met with U. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun to discuss sex abuse in America’s Olympic organizations.

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