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Through his years of tracking statistics of BNI membership, he has found that by missing one meeting, you cut your referral business in half for the entire month! I know that many BNI members get 20-100% of their new business from BNI. It’s not enough to just show up at a meeting every week.In order to earn referrals, you have to be referable. Well, think about what you would expect of the behavior of the people you were going to refer. Treat your meeting and fellow BNI members with the respect that contribution to your business’s bottom line deserves. What do you contribute to the members on a regular basis? A referral could be what we think of as a referral – connecting a member with an opportunity to talk about their business to someone in the market to buy their product or service, and the prospect is expecting the member’s call. I see the people who get the most out of being in BNI are also the biggest givers. To truly build relationships that produce consistent referrals, you have to get to know people – actively.The Ashford University student community includes people from every state in the U. The students on the Dean's List exemplify a dedication and commitment to their studies, which make them great role models for others to emulate. To view students' names, click on a specific state to see them listed by their name. A great place to start is the Visitor Host team or offer to give the Event Coordinator a hand for some of the activities they are planning.Taking an active role on the leadership team will build stronger relationships with the members that you work with on the leadership team.The easier you make it to refer you, the more likely people will do it.When you educate your BNI chapter members on what is a good referral for you, how to find you great referrals, and how to refer you, you want to be as specific as possible.

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People’s results from their BNI membership vary – and mostly depend on what they put into it.You want to have clarity on your target market in order make it clear to your chapter members.You also want to give specific examples that bring the clients to life and have your chapter members actually have the image of a person pop into their head.Once you are a BNI member, everything you do inside and outside of a BNI meeting affects your referability. I recommend a minimum of either one referral or one visitor every week. Networking is an important aspect of BNI, that is why it is built into every meeting agenda, the first 15 minutes of the meeting is open networking. You will also want to actively network with your fellow BNI members in one to ones, attending other business networking events together (like the chamber), supporting any of their events (workshops, ribbon cuttings), and attending the chapter hosted socials and mixers.Now that you are showing up and being referable, the next step is to contribute. As soon as you can, volunteer to participate on the leadership team, or at least help out on a committee.

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