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The Disney Studios, which produced the film, put up Levi and his mom at the Plaza Hotel. When they arrived, their three-room suite had been reserved by Walter Mondale, who was in N. for a meeting with Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.

So the Iowans had to cool their heels in another room for several hours until the Mondale suite was free.

800), they lease six acres of grazing land around town.

“We don’t raise anything we can’t eat,” says Jane, who says that every Iowa farm family has to have two incomes if they want the extras that crops won’t provide.

After shooting, “Sam gave me a hunting knife, and I gave him an Amish hat,” says Levi.

“Sam’s like a regular person, except maybe richer.” Levi’s attachment to Shepard and Lange made the trip to New York for Country’s premiere even more enticing.

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“I could make breakfast for a week for back home.” This evening’s banquet has Levi squirming. A lover of pizza and his mother’s tacos, he sniffs at the terrine de poisson (“What is that fish thing?

“We paid him every week and we were afraid that when he had enough money for the truck, he wouldn’t show up anymore.” Lange needn’t have worried. “She and Sam,” he says, “—pretty close.” He is slightly more effusive on the subject of Shepard, the reclusive actor and playwright. “We talked about trucks.” The two played pool and went trapshooting together and insisted on sending the stuntmen home when it came time to film their father-son fight scene.

Levi’s blue-green eyes fairly glow at the memory: “Sam throws open the barn door, pushes me into some sheep, then picks me up and throws me again.” Numerous takes were required.

The carrot for Levi was a chance for a ,000 Ford Ranger truck, the wheels of his dreams.

“He only took the role to buy that truck,” says Lange, who also served as Country’s co-producer. “She got out in the mud and dirt and she didn’t bitch about nothin’.” Of the much publicized offscreen love affair between Lange and Shepard, Levi is typically informative.

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