Vray error unhandled exception updating

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Regards, -Rahul Here's our fix procedure (HIH): Possible Solutions to this problem: 1) Delete the offending universe from the universe\universe folder 2) add the correct mfc42file (4.21.7303) to the Program Files\Business Objects\Business Objects 5.0 folder 3) Rewrite the query 4) Backup the mfc42file in the winnt\system folder and replace it with the correct one (4.21.7303) (Note: this could potentially have adverse affects on other products (particullarly norton)) 5) For Designers that can't get in (i.e., Win2000 users) ... ZABO user in 5.1.3 was getting connection error DA0004 and the report never ran. I upgraded the designer to 5.1.4 but by now the report was so corrupted that I sadly suggested he start over on a previous working version.Uninstall the product, Purge the Registry for all Business Objects Entries, Reinstall My twist - this problem yesterday was for one report only. AND - I had upgraded to SP6 during all this and the corrupted report was OK on my PC thru ZABO but SP 6 has that other problem I posted this morning.64Mb - this should ring alarm bells) is trying to open a 'large' report - sometimes as little as a couple of Mb. In fact, the refreshing completes and you see the message 'Disconnecting...'.When USERNAME signs on to BO again, the key is recreated with the correct values. This is BO, signing out from the database which it has been getting data from - normally you wouldn't see this unless BO is going slow.

Here are a number of causes and potential resolutions. Part of the Business Objects NT profile becoming corrupt.Compare this information to that of the same dll on a machine that works? When does the error occur exactly, as resolution 4 is quite a rare one...?cheers, Nick Nick, The error occurs when the user tries to open any document on his machine or from the repository.He can create new documents and open them subsequently, but any other document gives this error even if it is as small as a 100 kb.I did a de-install, cleaned up the registry, re-installed 5.1.5 but to no avail.

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