Web spiders updating dynamic pages

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A Word of Caution on Search Engine Positioning Search engine placement is by far the best way to generate traffic to your web site.A top rank in just one of the major search engines for one keyword can bring in thousands of new visitors to your site.These languages are like normal programming languages such as C , Java, etc.The major difference is scripting languages can't be compiled beforehand.To do this, we not only organize information about webpages but other types of information too.Today, Google Search can help you search text from millions of books from major libraries, find travel times from your local public transit agency, or help you navigate data from public sources like the World Bank.

Google never accepts payment to crawl a site more frequently — we provide the same tools to all websites to ensure the best possible results for our users.When we index a web page, we add it to the entries for all of the words it contains.With the Knowledge Graph, we’re continuing to go beyond keyword matching to better understand the people, places and things you care about.When a dynamic page is requested, the web server first looks at the page's source code and if any server-side scripting code exist, it will process them and generate static HTML result. does index dynamic pages, but for page discovery, our crawler mostly follows static links. keep the parameters short: this means the number of characters in each individual parameter should be short. There are many other examples on the internet that have more characters and were crawled successfully.When processing of the full page has been completed, web server sends only pure HTML code to the web visitor's browser for viewing. " is called the page's query string parameter(s), or simply query parameter(s). When this happens, search engine spiders will have difficult time to index the resulted page. " character, most search engine spiders can crawl that page well. id=12345&category=23&page=3 Most search engines will not be able to index it well even though Googlebot and Yahoo! We recommend you avoid using dynamically generated links except in directories that are not intended to be crawled/indexed (e.g., those should have a /exclusion)." Google's Webmaster Guidelines: "If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e. " character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. " character: this means the definition of dynamic pages are those containing "? There is no quantitative measurement given by Google but we can check some web forums to see examples. The maximum number of characters that can be accepted by Google is unknown. keep the number of them small: this means we should keep the number of parameters in each URL as small as possible.

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