Who is dating shawn johnson

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When Shawn learned that Mimi knew he was Claire's father and never told him, he declared their marriage was over and left.Upon hearing that Victor also knew the truth about Claire's paternity, he ran a race car through a wall at the Kiriakis mansion and declared that he was done with Victor as well. Shortly afterwards, Shawn misunderstood a conversation Belle was having with Carrie, leading him to believe she wanted nothing to do with him.

It was in this final pursuit that Philip ruined the engine of their boat and nearly killed everyone including himself.

He found solace with Willow, a former hooker, and the two eventually moved in together.

Shawn insisted Willow hide from Belle, which created much tension in their relationship.

He still wanted to have a relationship with Claire, and Belle told him the only way was to clear up his life. Wells as a courier, Bo decided it was time to step in and warn his son.

Staying with Willow out of sympathy, which seemed to be a habit with Shawn, he drove Belle further and further away. After several run-ins with Willow and Belle, Shawn finally decided to be a good father to Claire and that he needed to quit working for EJ Wells as well as break it off with Willow.

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