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This human nuclear activity will make precise dating of fossils from our lifetime very difficult due to contamination of the normal radioisotope composition of the earth with addition artificially produced radioactive atoms.

The various confounding factors that can adversely affect the accuracy of carbon-14 dating methods are evident in many of the other radioisotope dating methods.

The question should be whether or not carbon-14 can be used to date any artifacts at all? There are a few categories of artifacts that can be dated using carbon-14; however, they cannot be more 50,000 years old.

Carbon-14 cannot be used to date biological artifacts of organisms that did not get their carbon dioxide from the air.

Carbon-14 dating has been used successfully on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Minoan ruins and tombs of the pharaohs among other things. The half-life of carbon-14 is approximately 5,730 years. dinosaurs the evolution alleges lived millions of years ago.

Levels of carbon-14 become difficult to measure and compare after about 50,000 years (between 8 and 9 half lives; where 1% of the original carbon-14 would remain undecayed).

I was always in the front, tied for first position with my equally tiny friend Damary.

Whether we were walking into the cafeteria for lunch, filing into church, or going outside for recess, I was almost always leading the group. I thought that by eighth-grade graduation, I would have taken my place in the back of the line with the other long-legged kids in my class.

I also have a baby face, so I’m almost always mistaken for being at least five years younger than I actually am (but I’m told I’ll appreciate that one day). ” Thanks for the (rude) reminder, guys, but I do own a mirror. But in the end, I would never trade my height with anyone (and if I really want to add a few inches, I know how to rock a pair of heels). Other methods scientists use include counting rock layers and tree rings.When scientists first began to compare carbon dating data to data from tree rings, they found carbon dating provided "too-young" estimates of artifact age.The boys would giggle as we took our position and say things like, “Are you guys ever going to grow? But then, during a weekly visit to my very Italian great-grandma, I realized that she was 4’10, and I started to get worried. “Will I always be in the front of the line of everything?Later, I noticed that one of my older cousins, at 5’7, stood towering over the majority of my family. One day, I came home and complained to my mom about my height. ” My mom just smiled and told me the truth: my family is tiny (like a lot of Italian families), and there was no getting around that.

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